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I was looking for the personal service that I knew that David Jordan’s offered. I was under so much stress at the time, I really needed someone who would guide me through things and I found them really excellent. Everything is on such a lovely personal level. I would happily recommend David Jordan to anybody, they are just so courteous and you get such a fantastic level of attention in anything that you need to do. They just go that extra mile with everything they do and Mr Jordan himself is a charming man, he’s very down to earth, very aware of people’s feelings and everything they did was to get you through a really stressful time.

He’s got a very calm approach to it all, he’s very professional and he just gave us confidence, using David Jordan was very different to what I’d had before. Another thing that’s really great about David Jordan is the photographs, the way that they are presented are very different from lots of agents that are on the market at the moment. Using David Jordan as an Estate Agent made the whole process very easy.

Terri Mackie has sold three homes with David Jordan. We just liked the way they handled everything, so although we had other agents around to give us valuations, it has always been David Jordan we have gone back to. They are very caring: you feel they listen to what you have to say and are actually working on your behalf. The team are superb. The impact David Jordan has had on our life is that they have taken away a lot of the stress of moving. I would wholeheartedly recommend David Jordan, I trust them implicitly

I was at work and it was very straight forward. I would get a call so I always knew when someone was coming to have a look around and I always got feedback once they had been and it just went on from there really. I got an offer on my property within about a month and they didn’t just introduce the buyer to me, but they made sure that they checked the chain, they checked the circumstances behind the person who was buying the property to make sure they were in the right position I felt fully informed by the time I decided to accept the offer and I felt totally comfortable with the buyer.

Matt Garman has bought, sold and let properties with David Jordan. David Jordan have always been very helpful so they were the natural choice to go to when I started to look into buy-to-let properties. One property we sold David valued at 15% above valuations given by two other agents. Not only was he able to sell it but he sold it for 15% above the other agents’ prices. Everybody at David Jordan is very approachable and nothing is too much trouble. There’s no stress, no aggravation and I have complete peace of mind.

I mystery shopped quite a few estate agents to see what it was like from a buyers perspective and then I invited David Jordan and a couple of other estate agents around to our house to give a valuation but more importantly really understand the service that they offered. For me it wasn’t just about getting the best price but getting a fair price and a fairly swift sale and one that was relatively hassle free was of equal importance. It was really on those grounds that I chose David Jordan and if I remember rightly his last words were “we work harder” and that’s actually very true and they did.

David Jordan where always very very friendly, they always communicated on a regular basis, at different stages. Some of the negotiations where fairly difficult and they kept us informed all the time.

We find it brilliant living here and it is a really lovely house. We love Seaford and I would thoroughly recommend David Jordan’s to anyone else looking for a house in this area.